Celebrities without makeup, we have all seen the magazine issues on new stands. I want to share these photos most of all because the illustrate the point that even celebrities are only human. They too have the same flaws and body image issues that we all do. They just have the help of good lighting and Photoshop to help them out. One of the first steps to being popular is being happy with who you are no matter what you look like.

Kelly Clarkson: Singer Without Makeup


Cameron Diaz: Actress With Bad Acne


Victoria Beckham: Singer With Bad Acne


Goldie Hawn: Actress Without Makeup


Kim Kardashian: Actress With Bad Acne


Pamela Anderson: Model Without Makeup


Kim Kardashian Plastic Surgery Estimated Costs


Mila Kunis: Actress Without Makeup





Constantly, society is bombarded with images of picture perfect celebrities. Yeah, they are picture perfect alright, because they are PHOTOSHOPPED!! That’s right! Photoshopped! The media sets a standard of beauty with celebrities that celebrities can’t even obtain themselves. But Bear, what about those celebrities who look amazing even without being photo shopped? Even they are PHOTOSHOPPED! And if by some miracle they aren’t photo shopped, they are made of plastic. The image of beauty that is used to set the world standard of beauty is misleading, untrue, and the BIGGEST LIE OF HOLLYWOOD!


The “New Moon” poster with Taylor Lautner is a fraud. Everyone knows that Lautner has a six pack since he has his shirt off practically the entire movie; however, the abs on the poster aren’t his. They are the abs of Brazilian Model Edilson Nascimento. Lautner had his head photoshopped onto Nascimento’s body. I can’t think of bigger insult to Lautner than that. Another example of how important looks are to the media industry

Tiwa Savage    How can we confirm this brilliantly scripted portfolio?


Tiwa Savage is such a talented music act…no doubt…the voice that heals souls (you decide), signed up to Mavin Records, making waves…but we all just being fed with stories of her Collaborations with Legends, song writing skills, and back up singing with top world celebrities…Please who has bothered to stop and research? Can we see clips of her collabo with George Michael (or at least a mention of this on his official website)? Or a proof of backup for Mary J. Blige, Chaka Khan, Emma Bunton (Spice Girls), Kelly Clarkson, Blu Cantrell, Andreas Bocelli and pictures of her sharing the stage with the likes of Sting, 50 Cent, The Black Eyed Peas, Eminem, Robbie Williams, and Destiny’s Child to name a few? …She has also collaborated with Chuck Harmony (Rihanna, Mary J. Blige), Warren “Oak” Felder (Chris Brown and Jennifer Lopez)… Haba, Abi cameras were not allowed when all these took place? Please if anyone has clips or internet links of these events, then lets all confirm and lets not be fed with make-beliefs or cheap popularity. Because I have been to L.A or attended a show that JayZ performed would not give me the pass to say…I had lunch with JayZ….You feel me guys? Please lets be guided

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